He Looks Like An Ordinary Horse. But Watch When He Turns Around…

In fairy tales, the hero gallops in on his trusty steed and performs some heroic act saving people from certain doom.


Image Credit: Facebook / Frederik the Great

But if it weren’t for his horse, the hero would have never made it there in time! The Friesian horse breed originated in the Netherlands.


Image Credit: Facebook / Frederik the Great

It is believed that early ancestors of Friesian carried knights wearing armor, during the Middle Ages. The hero in the 1985 movie, Ladyhawke rode a Friesian.


Recently a Friesian stallion named Frederick the Great, was named world’s most handsome horse. From these pictures, is it easy to see why.

He is a tall, well-muscled, black stallion with a jet-black mane that is probably the envy of horses around the world! His curly mane almost touches the ground! Frederik live in the Ozarks at Pinnacle Friesians.

Horse breeder, Stacy Nazario has focused her efforts on the Friesian stallions because the breed has been on the brink of extinction three times!

A rising concern is the amount of inbreeding among the Friesian breed.

The stallions at Pinnacle Farms have impeccable pedigrees, and they have some of the most stunning horses.These pictures show the beauty and grace of this incredible horse.

The video shows Frederick dancing, prancing and strutting his stuff for an audience of children – he truly is a majestic horse! Frederick is making the rounds on social media and is becoming very well-known he even has over 14,000 Facebook followers!

This is one horse that doesn’t need a hero to ride him, Frederick does a great job all on his own! Share away, people!