Heaven is a place in Prague : The donut ice cream cone has arrived to make our dreams come true

This latest dessert craze combines two of your favorite sweet treats: ice cream and donuts.

The ‘doughnut cone’ — an adventurous alternative to the classic wafer cone — is a cone made of cinnamon sugar-covered dough, topped with chocolate and stuffed with ice cream
The trend is believed to be a modern-take on a traditional Slovak cake and pastry made from grilled dough, topped with sugar and walnuts, called Trdelník.

A Prague café called Good Food Coffee and Bakery is making the “Chimney Cakes” famous, and mouth-watering food porn of the sugary delicacies has been seen all over social media.

Und so sehen die #trdelnik ‘s von GoodFood aus: Baumstrietzel gefüllt mit schokolade, Erdbeeren und als Abschluss Soft Eis oben drauf 😥😄 an morgen wird weiter gefastst, aber diesen #foodporn porn musste ich einfach probieren und ja es war himmlisch 💁 #chimneycake #chimney #praha #prague #goodfoodprague #goodfood #karlova EN: Chimney cake baked as cones and filled with chocolate and strawberries – and soft ice cream on top!

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