Here‘s The Reason Why Some People Can Roll Their Tongues And Others Can‘t


You can actually learn to roll your tongue.

At least 20 percent of us learn to do it by the time we’re 12 years old. Even some adults who thought they couldn’t roll their tongue have learned to do so in as little as a week.

So how did this myth come about?


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At first, scientists did include it as a finding in their research.

Alfred Sturtevant published a paper making the claim in 1940, but another study 12 years later found that some identical twins didn’t have the same tongue rolling ability. If it was so easily inherited, there wouldn’t be any difference between the twins, so the claim was disproven.


Sturtevant admitted his mistake, but the myth still persists to this day.

Back in 1965, he wrote, “I am embarrassed to see it listed in some current works as an established Mendelian case.”

Still, this doesn’t mean there’s no genetic basis for rolling your tongue.

It’s possible that any number of genes, including the ones to do with a tongue’s length or its muscle tone, can influence whether you can do any of these little tricks.

So if you still can’t do it no matter how hard you practice, that isn’t unusual either.


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