How To Clean Your Burned Iron And Make it Look Like New!

You can easily recognize when your iron is burnt because of its hateful smell. Bu happy chance, burnt iron can be cleaned effortlessly. If you know how to clean stained sole plates, you can clean scorched iron too.

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How to clean a burnt iron
When burning the bottom of your iron, you firstly unplug it. If you can’t discharge the burnt fabric in one peace, then tweezers or wooden chopsticks to lift the melted pieces from the bottom, after the iron cools totally. If by the chance you don’t remove the melted pieces from the iron, it won’t work properly. Have in mind to remove all of the burnt pieces and then clean the iron with the following techniques.


If scorch marks stay on the iron, even if removed all of the fabric, then put several tablespoon of salt on the soft cloth. Later, put the cloth on the ironing board and turn the iron on to the cotton setting. When the iron heats up, put it on the salt and rub back and forth as far as the marks retreat. In the end, turn the iron off and, let the iron to cool totally, and wipe the sole plate with dump cloth.


If these scorched marks are really dreadful, then you should put more effort in cleaning it. In place of salt, put heated white vinegar and dip a soft cloth in it. Then, smoothly wipe the cloth on the burnt sole plate before the marks are gone. Ended the process with wiping the bottom of the iron with a muggy cloth previously soaked in clean water.

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