How To Get Rid Of Your Stretch Marks Naturally

There are several life events that have huge impact on your life after pregnancy. Aside from adapting to a busier schedule with taking care of the baby, you will soon find out that your body is not how it used to be. For example, it may take a longer time to lose weight. You will also notice some marks on your butt, abdominal region, and breasts. In fact, all women who have gone through pregnancy will have stretch marks on their bellies. To add to this mayhem is reduced elasticity after childbirth. This makes the flaws more noticeable after your first pregnancy. Getting rid of these imperfections is tougher than you think.

The Causes of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks generally appear once you gain weight and then quickly lose the additional weight immediately after pregnancy. The skin is stretched tightly resulting in skin surface breaks. Stretch marks essentially starts developing during pregnancy as women tend to gain up to 30 pounds of weight in 9 months. Expecting mothers aren’t the only ones plagued with stretch marks. People who suddenly put a lot of pounds within a short span of time and then begin to lose all the extra weight rapidly are prone to developing stretch marks too.

When you gain weight fast, marks will most likely appear, specifically on areas where lines are commonplace such as in the case of the buttocks and stomach region. Stretch marks may also develop in areas such as the upper arms, thigh region, and breasts. If these areas were stretched during weight gain, you are most likely to witness the development of stretch marks once you start losing the excess pounds.

Stretch marks initially appear reddish or purplish in color. However, this will progress and turn silver or gray once they start to fade away from the skin over time. After a month or so, these lines become more visible and harder to remove unless the right treatment regimen and procedures are implemented. With this in mind, it is crucial that stretch marks are treated and eradicated during their initial stage. Consider the use of the right products to reduce the appearance of these lines until they become barely noticeable on the skin.

Who are at Most Risk of Developing Stretch Marks?

According to a study conducted by the American Academy of Dermatology, there are several groups of people who are prone to developing stretch marks at certain points in their life:

-90% f women in their 3rd trimester will start to develop stretch marks.

– Genetics plays a big role in the chances of men and women to develop stretch marks later in life. If your mother had stretch marks, you are most likely to develop them at some point in life too.

– Obese or overweight people who suddenly lose a great amount of fat.

Stretch mark happens to everyone, regardless of age and complexion. No race or nationality is exempt from developing these unsightly lines. For people with darker skin tone or complexion, the marks will appear more silvery and lighter than their natural skin color. As for those with white or fair skin, the marks leave pinkish discoloration on the skin.

One truth that you should know by now is that stretch marks cannot be removed altogether. It is something that you will deal with once you have delivered your baby or lost weight after you made a drastic change in your lifestyle. What you can do at most is reduce their appearance of these nasty lines by keeping the skin well hydrated all the time. The use of stretch mark creams or moisturizing lotions work well in hydrating the skin 24/7. There are also specialty creams that make your skin smoother and more supply while having the ability of reducing itchiness especially during the third trimester of pregnancy.

Staying well hydrated is a great way to reduce the chances of developing stretch marks. Skin creams are known to improve skin quality by making it appear smoother, more toned, less itchy, and more elastic too. Drinking lots and lots of water to optimize hydration is another simple and yet highly effective way of making the lines appear less pronounced too.

When do Marks Begin to Fade?

Majority of stretch marks actually fade over time. From purple color, the lines become more silvery or white in color. There are also people who complain that instead of getting lighter, their stretch marks become more visible instead of becoming less visible and less pronounced. This is why it’s important to implement intervention when marks are still in its initial stages of development. When the lines are red, make sure to follow proven techniques to get rid of them. Never wait for them to turn silver or white before you do something about them, as at this point it becomes all the more difficult to get rid of them.

There are various ways on how you can treat these stretch marks. Hyaluronic acid in combination with onion extract is a great example of a natural remedy for stretch marks. A gel solution can be created by combining these two potent ingredients and must be applied directly on the skin. After twelve weeks of daily use, you will notice the marks have already faded completely.

Other techniques or ways of getting rid of stretch marks are a plenty, but not all of them are considered natural in nature. For example, the use of retinoid cream is considered effective in minimizing stretch marks. The secret to getting positive results is the technique by which creams are applied on the affected area. Retinoid cream guarantees fast cell turnover- a condition that is necessary in promoting the new collagen growth while making the skin more nourished and attractive.

The use of lasers is also recommended to most people who want to remove their stretch marks fast. Laser results in quicker growth of collagen tissue while keeping the dilated blood vessels relatively smaller in size. Bear in mind though, that laser treatment is only effective after a few sessions, thus it can be very effective and impractical for people who are looking for cheaper, but equally effective ways of getting rid of their stretch marks.

Natural Remedies for Removing Unsightly Stretch Marks

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