iPhone 7 Leak : Confirmed, Two Biggest Features Removed!

In recent years Apple has made one thing very clear: iPhone ‘Plus’ models are top dog. They have better cameras, far superior battery life and better screens. And now with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus that gap looks set to get even bigger…

Picked up by the ever reliable 9to5Mac, are renders of cases for the iPhone 7 Plus and they confirm it will indeed get two major features the iPhone 7 will miss out on:

1.Dual Camera
Yes the iPhone 7 Plus is getting a much bigger camera upgrade than the iPhone 7 this year. Whereas the iPhone 7 will get a small upgrade, the iPhone 7 Plus will be moving to the much vaunted dual camera technology already seen from the likes of LG and Huawei.
iPhone 7 Plus leaked case renders show important changes from the iPhone 7. Image credit: 9to5Mac
Dual modules can be used in different ways – either to mimic optical zoom or create wide angle lenses – so it remains to be seen how Apple will implement it for the iPhone 7 Plus. That said, it could prove the killer difference when millions come to upgrade.
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Source :

9to5mac, Forbes