iPhone 7 Leak : Confirmed, Two Biggest Features Removed!

2.Smarter Connectivity
Early iPhone 7 leaks caused much confusion with Apple’s Smart Connector repeatedly showing up then being omitted by various well informed sources. Now we know why: it will be an iPhone 7 Plus only feature (as seen by the three ‘dots’ on the back of the case).
In some ways this makes sense. The Smart Connector allows the Lightning port to both send and receive power and data simultaneously. This allows for things like portable keyboards to be powered by an Apple device (as seen with the iPad Pro range) and that probably makes more sense with the larger screen and bigger battery of the Plus.
iPhone 7 Plus case renders show Apple’s Smart Connector at the bottom. Image credit: 9to5Mac

Given the Smart Connector adds cost, it also would help justify the price difference between the iPhone 7 and pricier iPhone 7 Plus.

Other Differences

What the cases don’t show, however, is these differences are the just tip of the iceberg.

The iPhone 7 Plus is also expected to get 50% per more RAM which bumps it up to 3GB, a bigger boost in battery performance and potentially we may even see the arrival of a third 5.5-inch model – the iPhone 7 Pro (reports on it remain mixed).

Whether Apple will dare to make all these differential changes remains to be seen, but certainly it looks increasingly likely. As does the controversial removal of the headphone jack, something these renders become yet another source to confirm after I argued this was in the pipeline two years old.

iPhone 7 Plus case renders also show the headphone jack will be removed. Image credit: 9to5Mac
I’ve long said the only benefit the 4.7-inch iPhone retains over its 5.5-inch version is its portability. And that looks set to be even more true of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus…

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