Kind Traffic Cop Stops Traffic & Scoops Up Terrified Kitten… Just Wait Till You See, He’s a Hero.

This man is a hero, and he doesn’t need to star in a movie for the whole world to know it! This traffic cop was just doing his duty on a busy road when suddenly he noticed a small white helpless animal lying on the road, completely terrified and unable to walk. This hero traffic cop does the most amazing thing ever!

Image Credit: Lorena Castro / Facebook

He immediately stopped all the traffic, walked up to the animal and realized that it was a tiny kitten, hanging on to its life. He immediately scooped up the kitten and started petting it for it to calm down. We don’t normally see such a thing on busy highways, but when we do, we’ve got to make sure it doesn’t go unnoticed!

Take a look at this video!

I don’t know know who you are, but you’re definitely a hero for saving that poor kitten’s life! Thank you for your bravery! Please share this post with your friends too

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