Lost For 2 Years, Her Dog Is Now 1080 Miles Away…Now Watch Their Reunion , You‘ll Be In Tears!

When her beloved pup Zeus went missing from their home in sunny Florida, she looked far and wide for him. He didn’t turn up in any local shelters, the posters she hung didn’t lead to any fruitful tips and after two years, she was close to giving up on her search altogether.
But just as her hope was slipping for good, she received a call from Dearborn, Michigan, saying that Zeus was safe and sound! Without a second thought, she jumped in the car and made the 1,080-mile trek to her long-lost dog! She was nervous that after the years Zeus wouldn’t remember her – but when they were finally reunited, he lit up immediately!
The handsome little pup ran straight up to his human mom and into her loving embrace. By the looks of his heartwarming reaction, there’s no way Zeus didn’t remember her! He proceeded to shower her with puppy kisses and joyful whines! This was the moment they both were praying for.

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