Mailman Sees Unattended Red Cooler, He‘s Shocked To Discover What It’s Being Used For

A boy, age 8, left a thoughtful surprise for the mailman on a sweltering hot day.

Last week, the temperature in Newport News, Virginia, was more than 105 degrees Fahrenheit, with a heat advisory in place from 12 to 8 p.m., WVEC reports.

The boy, Carmine McDaniel, wanted to help his mailman on the hot day so he left him a cooler filled with Gatorade and water on the front porch.

“Mailman: Water & Gatorade in Cooler. Have A GOOD DAY :),” the note McDaniel left on the cooler read.


McDaniel’s mother shared video of the moment the mailman found the cooler with the news station.

“Water and Gatorade, thank God,” the mailman says in the video when he sees the cooler. “Thank you.”

He drops the family’s mail off and heads straight back to the cooler.


“Oh my God, yes,” he says excitedly as he looks inside.

He decides to take a water and a Gatorade.

“I just thought because it was really hot outside and I didn’t want him to maybe pass out or anything, because they are really important so people can pay their bills and stuff like that and I didn’t want him to pass out pretty much,” McDaniel said.

McDaniel wasn’t the only child thinking about the welfare of a mailman on a hot day.

Chinica Brown shared a video on YouTube on July 15 of her two daughters giving their mailman Gatorade and a kind note.

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