Man bakes 256 crayons in the oven. What comes out two days later isn’t too shabby.

American Peter Brown is an enthusiastic craftsman. He’s spent his whole life experimenting with wood and other, primarily soft materials, in his workshop. This time he has decided to work with crayons and makes something amazing out of them.

He bought hundreds of crayons to make something really special with them.

First, you have to get rid of the wrappers. To remove them, he places the crayons in the freezer. This way the wax shrinks up and the wrapper can be removed quite easily.

He puts them into the oven. The crayons melt at about 140°F and lose a bit of their mass.

Once the mass has cooled down, he removes it from the baking pan. The crayons are now a nice, stable block. But what could you make out of it?

Gradually you can see what Peter is making out of the crayons on the video below.

Although the vase is not made of ceramic or wood, it is still a masterpiece. If you have old crayons stored at home, you can make all kinds of cool stuff out of them as Peter has demonstrated. If you want to check out what else he has made, visit his Facebook page here.

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Peter Brown