Manager Would Always Treat Her Like She Was Beneath Him. What A Huge Biker Dude Did To Him Changed Him Forever

Bikerdude: Well how ’bout you think of your employees for a quick second? Let them stay inside and warm up, dry off. C’mon man, be reasonable. This young woman was practically drenched when she got to me and I couldn’t help but notice her shivering in the rain. I gave her my jacket just so she wouldn’t catch a cold.

Jim: Well, sir, our customers need help out to their cars and…

Bikerdude: You know what, you’re right! They do! I need help to my car. And I want YOU to help me out there, Jim.

Jim: Uhhhhh… I have to uhhhhh stay and watch over the…

Bikerdude: What’s that saying? ‘The customer is always right?’ You’re helping me out to my car, Jim.
By this time, everyone was watching as Jim and Bikerdude strolled out with his basket. I went outside and stood under the covered entrance area to watch Jim get his; Bikerdude was in a truck, which was parked in the verrrrry back of the parking lot. By the time Jim got back, he was just as soaked as I was.

I acted like I was collecting carts, and took Jim’s from him; he had a horribly sour look on his face, which I, of course, enjoyed thoroughly. Bikerdude pulled by in his truck and waved me over and handed me a $20. He told me to go take a break and dry off with a hot meal and said he’d return for the jacket in a couple days; I said thanks and went back inside and asked Jim for a break. He begrudgingly told me to take as long of a break as I needed to dry off.

From that day on, Jim was always a lot nicer to us employees. He’d never tell us to go out in the rain and would often provide us with umbrellas if we decided to do so ourselves. He stopped being such a hard-ass and even became a little likeable.

To this day, I wonder what Bikerdude said to him to change his ways.

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