Mini Bruno Mars Totally Rocks His “Uptown Funk” Routine!

Bruno Mars has nothing on this rising star! The kids of George Washington Elementary School have practiced their “Uptown Funk” routine for weeks and it’s finally to perform in front of a real audience! But the “Bruno” of the group, who calls himself “Willie The Entertainer,” really sets himself apart with his awesome dance moves!
Image via lifeaspire
Willie first started mimicking Michael Jackson routines when he was just three years old. Ever since, he’s been on his feet and dancing to the beat of his own drum! He loves to perform in school routines like these and for his church congregation in Lansing, Illinois. “Everybody in school knows me, everybody in church knows me. Almost everybody knows me in Lansing. I love to entertain,” the spunky second-grader shared proudly on his Facebook page.
The limelight obviously doesn’t bother this impressive performer! He may be young, but Willie The Entertainer has a big career ahead of him – and this jaw-dropping Bruno Mars routine is just the start! Take a peek for yourself in the video below.

Source: Young Bruno Mars impersonator pulls off spot on performance by josborn on Rumble

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