Mom Captures Amazing Moment Between Kids And Garbage Collectors

Children find joy and wonder from unexpected sources — and heroes can take equally unexpected forms. On June 22, 2013 Martha and her husband Rob welcomed triplets — identical twin boys, Heaton and Wilder, and a little girl named Holden. When they were still infants, the triplets met Martha’s sanitation engineers. Every day, Martha would walk around the neighborhood with the adorable trio in their stroller. As a result, an incredible friendship has formed between the babies and sanitation workers over the past two years.

As you’re about to see, Martha’s kids have come to anticipate “Garb Day” and completely idolize Mr. Rob, Mr. Chad and Mr. Andrew… and the feeling is mutual. Every week, Martha follows the triplets outside to the driveway where the kids wait patiently for their friends pull up.

Scroll down to see what happens when the triplets visit with their best friends… it’s so heartwarming that it’s going viral!

Over the past two years, Martha’s triplets —Heaton, Wilder and Holden — have formed an incredible bond with the neighborhood’s sanitation engineers.
Photo via Facebook / Martha Sugalski

Their weekly visits, which take place out front of Martha’s house, are always full of hugs, high-fives and happiness.
Photo via Facebook / Martha Sugalski

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