Mom Cuts A Pool Noodle & Solves A Common Dinner Table Problem. Her Ideas Are So Fantastic

Pool noodles aren’t just for your kids and the pool. They can actually be used for a variety of DIY projects around the house. Here are few fun and clever ways to use pool noodles in an effective manner.
Floating Ice Chest
While you’re out enjoying a hot, summer day in the pool, why not treat yourself to some chilled refreshments? Build this floating ice chest using pool noodles, and you can always an ice cold beverage by your side.

Use your pool noodle as an extra long funnel. Hook it up to your sink, and control the flow of water! It makes housework so much easier.

Secure Gaps Between Doors
In the winter, your house might feel cooler and chillier than usual because the cold weather outside is finding its way through the door because the weather stripping isn’t right. To prevent this, use a pool noodle to fill the gap between the door and the floor.

Narrow Garage Problems
If you have a narrow garage, then parking your car inside can sometimes be a pain. It might be difficult to get out of your car, because you’re afraid of banging your car door against the wall.
To protect your doors from scratches and the wall, build this padded garage bumper. Learn more details here.

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