Mom Cuts A Pool Noodle & Solves A Common Dinner Table Problem. Her Ideas Are So Fantastic

Plant Support
Use a pool noodle as a support for plants in place of a wooden stake. Cut the noodle lengthwise using a knife. Then, fit it around the base of a plant. As the plant gradually grows taller, you can add another section to support the added growth.
Use an assortment of pool noodle colors for a vibrant-looking garden!

Maintain Boot Shape
Stuff your boots with pool noodles to help maintain their shape when you are not wearing them. Cut the noodles to the height of each boot and place them inside. It’s that simple!

No Creases!
Fit a pool noodle around a hanger to create a soft curve. Then, hang your pants around the pool noodle to hang dry without having an creases in your pants.

Napkin Rings
If you find yourself chasing napkins in the wind, then try this nifty trick out. Cut noodles into rings. Then, use the ring as a napkin holder. You’ll never have to chase after paper napkins in the backyard or park again.

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