Mom Sends Letter To Doctor Who Suggested She Abort Her Unborn Baby

Courtney was elated to discover she was pregnant with her third daughter. But when Emersyn “Emmy” Faith was diagnosed with Down syndrome still inside the womb, Courtney looked to her prenatal specialist for encouragement and support. Instead, she received something much different.

The mother-of-three from Sanford, Florida says her doctor didn’t just suggest that terminating her pregnancy was an option, but that he pressured her to do so even after she continued to refuse. Her doctor repeatedly suggested she abort her baby with special needs, claiming the entire family’s quality of life would suffer.

When Courtney was still pregnant, she had so many things she wanted to say to her doctor in defense of her beloved baby — but she couldn’t muster the courage to do it. In fact, it took her took more than a year to write and mail her letter to him. Finally, in May of 2016, Courtney and Emmy (now 15 months old) dropped the letter in the mail together. Courtney also shared her words on the Parker Myles Facebook page, where it has since gone viral.

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ABC News