Mom Walks Into The Bathroom…What She See Her Son Doing Is A Lesson For Everyone

Biggest Bubble Bath Is Busted
Everything happened so fast, dad couldn’t help but react the way he did, and even mom couldn’t blame him. While little Kaylen was taking a bath, it started out innocent. But when bubbles were added in, every droplet of water coming from the faucet helped produce the ever-growing bubble mountain that towered over tiny Kaylen in the middle of it all. Bubbles piled high and low, and crept out slowly from the tub onto the floor. Nothing could reverse the situation now.
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Dad heard the noise from outside the bathroom, and out of simple curiosity, he walked in without any idea of what was going on. His instant reaction wasn’t disapproval or anger over the huge mess, but laughter. Sometimes, in the simple routine of life, a mess is made and dad shows that we have the choice to get all uptight about it, or simply laugh it off. Kaylen, even with a face full of bubbles, couldn’t hide his overjoyed smile underneath.
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After all, it wasn’t Kaylen’s fault he had the biggest bubble bath of all time, it was mom who added in the bubbles. She explains that she only added in a little, but how it turned into this, she can’t say. When you see Kaylen’s idea of what to do about it, you can’t help but laugh along.

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