New Brilliant Ways to Use a Bar of Soap

A bar of soap is well-known as the standard for good hygiene. However, if you take that bar out of the bathroom, it can help far beyond personal cleanliness!

Zipped Up
A zipper that won’t go up is frustrating and seemingly impossible. Next time you are stuck in this situation, grab a bar of soap and rub it on the front and back sides of the zipper. This will soften up the stiff zipper and allow it to glide smoothly!
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A Fast Solution
An oil leak in the car can be a costly hassle. For a quick fix, take a bar of Irish Spring and rub it onto the area where it is dripping oil! The soap will seal the leak until you can get it to a mechanic to fix.

Furniture Finish
Smooth the tracks of an old drawer with a bar of soap. Rub the tracks and bottom of the drawers generously with the bar of soap and it will glide like new!

A Gardner’s Dream
Scratch a bar of soap before gardening to keep your fingernails dirt-free. When you are finished gardening, simply wash your hands as normal and see just how clean your fingernails remain.
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No More Holes
Fill nail holes left in your walls with a bar of soap! Simply scrub the bar across the hole until its filled up. It’s an easy solution for moving out of your home or moving into a new one.
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Anywhere Clean
Make soap for on-the-go using a vegetable peeler! Take the bar of soap and begin peeling small strips with the vegetable peeler. This is great if you want to bring your favorite soap on a vacation or camping trip.
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