New Brilliant Ways to Use a Bar of Soap

Be Our Guest
To impress your guests, try rolling up your slices of soap for a fancy powder room upgrade! Once again, use a vegetable peeler to produce strips of soap, then role them up gently and arrange in a festive container.
Image via nizzymoulds

Exfoliating Done Right
If you love your current soap but are missing the exfoliation that comes with body wash, try making a washcloth soap pouch!
Image via thriftyfun

Smells Quite Lovely
Ground soap makes a great air freshener, and the bright hues will bring a pop of color to any room! Grate the bar of soap with a standard cheese grater and display it on a chic plate for a pleasant smelling room.

Watch this video to see how to transform a bar of soap into a cloud!

Soaptastic Results
Soap is no longer just a one-trick pony; it’s a product that can be used all around the home. It’s good smelling nature and ability to clean make bars of soap one of the best products to keep on hand!