New Galaxy Note 6 Details Reveal Radical Changes

3.USB Type-C
I argued (perhaps in a minority) that Samsung should’ve equipped the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge with the all singing all dancing USB Type-C instead of microUSB, but many were (understandably) happy the company stuck to the ubiquitous, older standard.

This changes with the Galaxy Note 6. With every rival putting USB Type-C on its 2016 flagship phones Samsung will now relent and join them. Yes, there’s some hardship in replacing cables but as a single connector which can power phones, tablets, laptops, monitors, printers and more it’s the future.

4.Fatter Phone, Massive Battery
Continuing a welcome trend, Samsung will make the Galaxy Note 6 slightly thicker this year (7.9mm vs 7.6mm) to accommodate a much larger battery. Samsung already did this with the Galaxy S7 and the tiny increase in girth will see the Note 5’s 3000 mAh battery massively increased to 4200 mAh in the Galaxy Note 6.

Unfortunately it still won’t be removable, but with all day stamina plus fast wired and wireless charging the complaints about this will be reduced.
The Galaxy Note 6 could be THE must have smartphone of 2016. Image credit: uSwitch with OnLeaks

5.Far More Memory
Finishing things off, Samsung will deliver 50% more RAM with the Galaxy Note 6 by upping it to 6GB while it will offer both microSD expansion and internal memory of up to 256GB (matching the iPhone 7). This is a dramatic turnaround from the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge which were sold only with 32GB of internal storage in most western markets.

And Finally

While far from guaranteed, other talk is the Note 6 will add IP68 water resistance (the Note 5 had none) and that it might even be called the ‘Galaxy Note 7’.

Of the latter you may well ask Why? No, it isn’t a silly Windows-10-distance-yourself-from-Windows-8 trick. Instead the answer is simply to bring the Note range into line with the S Series. The fact it has always been a number behind is a generational quirk but marketing nightmare which Samsung is understandably keen to fix.

So yes, the Galaxy Note 6 (7?) is shaping up to be a hugely impressive phone. And that’s without even touching upon the expected performance upgrades…