Nicola Sturgeon Planning To Keep Scotland In The EU Despite Brexit Vote

Scottish Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie has offered his support to the First Minister ‘s aim of protecting Scotland’s place in the EU.

He did, however, say he would not back her plans to push for another referendum on Scottish Independence.

Mr Rennie said: “If this was simply to be a charade devised to build up grievance in Scotland to aid the campaign for independence, it would not have received our support. I will not be a pawn in a new campaign for independence.

“However, I was given a guarantee from the First Minister that this was not the case and that she genuinely wanted this process to succeed.

“That is why we will lend our support to this process as it will need a cross-party effort to have the best chance of succeeding.”

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Opposition parties in Scotland have warned against rushing into a second independence referendum.

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson said the 1.6 million votes cast in favour of remaining in the EU “do not wipe away the two million votes that we cast less than two years ago” to remain in the UK.

“We do not address the challenges of leaving the European Union by leaving our own Union of nations, our biggest market and our closest friends,” Ms Davidson said.

Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale said fundamental questions asked during the independence campaign, such as those over currency, remained unanswered.

“Labour’s manifesto ruled out a second referendum in the lifetime of this Parliament – we won’t be changing our minds any time soon,” she added.

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