Forget About iPhone 7! The God Of Smartphones Is Here & The World Is Going Crazy For It!

Some Apple loyalists were going crazy at 7th of September launch of iPhone 7 that boasts of a 3 GB Ram.

You’ll forget all about the iPhone 7 after hearing about this new phone.

A smartphone company called Turing has announced specifications for their new smartphone and it puts all the best phones of the world to shame.

Image via NDTV

The Turing Monolith that’s going to be released in 2018 will boast of an 18 GB of RAM and 786 GB of in-built storage.

It will consist of 3 Snapdragon 830 processors, that’s about 6 times the processing of a regular phone.

In addition, The Turing Monolith will boast of a 6.4 inch 4k resolution screen. But that’s not where the specifications end.
Image via iGyaan

The company has announced that the phone’s rear camera will be 60 MP and the front camera will be 20 MP. Imagine taking a selfie with THAT!

Even in the power section, The Turing Monolith will have a 120 KWh battery, that’s way longer than most phones we use today.

The Turing Monolith will be available for the masses sometime in 2018 but its specifications have already taken the technology world by storm.

Samsung recalls all Galaxy Note 7’s due to exploding batteries

Samsung has announced that it will recall all Galaxy Note 7 devices after multiple reports of battery explosions while the device was charging. This news comes after the company had reportedly delayed shipments to investigate the issue — obviously the Korean manufacturer found reason to be concerned about the product.
Lithium-ion battery chemistry is tricky stuff. Companies are extremely secretive about their chemistries and manufacturing components, looking for any method of gaining an advantage over their competitors. Samsung is recalling nearly all the devices, apparently, because it hasn’t been able to isolate the flaw to a single product or manufacturing flaw in a particular battery manufacturer’s process. While the number of affected devices is reportedly small, at just 24 per 100,000, thermal runaway in lithium-ion devices can ignite fires or leave third-degree burns on humans if the device is in a pocket when it ignites.
Flames and third-degree burns now included!

Various US carriers have already responded to news of the problem with their own recalls and programs. AT&T states that it is still in the process of defining its exchange / return program and will have more information for customers soon. T-Mobile notes that customers who have purchased a Samsung Note 7 are eligible for full refunds on the device and all Note 7 accessories. Customers may keep the Netflix subscriptions they received with the order and all restocking and shipping fees are waived. Sprint states it will offer customers a “similar device” until the situation is resolved but does not mention explicit refunds (like AT&T, it promises to share more details in the near future). Verizon notes it will waive the restocking fee for any customer that wishes to return or exchange the Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung is going to take a heavy hit for the recall, according to Reuters. Koh Dong-jin, head of the Samsung’s manufacturing business, told Reuters the recall would be worldwide and affect already-sold units, units in transit, and units still on store shelves. China is the sole exception — these devices apparently use different batteries and are not affected by the same problem. Koh wouldn’t confirm how many devices Samsung was recalling but noted that the company had already sold 2.5 million Note 7’s worldwide. “I can’t comment on exactly how much the cost will be, but it pains my heart that it will be such a big number,” he said.

The recall will have a significant impact on Samsung’s financials for the quarter but the company hopes long-term Note 7 sales will be unaffected. If you have a Note 7 we strongly recommend replacing it, even if you haven’t previously had problems — battery fires are nothing to take chances with.

‘Pokémon GO’s Upcoming ‘Buddy System’ Is The Best Thing That Could Happen To The Game

Buddies are important. Everyone likes a buddy. You might even play Pokemon Go with your buddies. But don’t you wish you could actually have buddies inside Pokemon Go? Don’t worry — they are coming. The buddy system, a wonderful feature that will allow us to upgrade our pokemon by walking and searching for pokemon, looks like it’s coming to Pokemon Go soon thanks to some impressive data mining.

According to Pokemon Go Hub, the buddy system making its way to your pocket will allow you to choose a pokemon to “bond” with. Essentially, it’s another step counting gameplay system, with your chosen Pokemon walking along with you as you hatch eggs and capture endless Ratatas. But, with your buddy, you’ll be able to earn candy which means you can more easily power them up and upgrade your chosen friend.

Pokemon Go Hub has the details (head over there for even more info):

  • Walking your Pokemon Buddy will award you with candy. The amount of candy is yet to be determined.
  • You can walk the same Pokemon Buddy multiple times, but there is likely a daily limit for obtained candy.

Basically, this is you and your buddy.


It’s somewhat of a bummer to still be without trading and “real” combat, but this latest update will definitely allow you to carve out a stable of adorable monsters that you feel are truly yours. Now Niantic just needs to figure out what they’re going to do once those frigid, winter months keep trainers from trudging from pokestop to Pokestop.

Featured image via Photo: Nintendo

(Via Forbes)

There’s a Petition to Create a Netflix Show Starring Thor & Darryl

In case you missed it, Marvel recently shared a hilarious mockumentary short—which previously premiered at Comic-Con—starring Chris Hemsworth’s Thor leading a more typical life with his roommate, Darryl Jacobson. Since Thor wasn’t involved in the events portrayed in Captain America: Civil War, he had some time on his hands, so he’s been bothering Darryl at work and home, volunteering at a local school, redecorating his room, and otherwise being as ordinary as the Asgardian god of thunder can possibly be.

The skit is absolutely hysterical, so good that now there’s a petition to parlay the hype into a full-blown Netflix show starring Thor and Darryl. Ty Schmidt, who started the petition, wrote that after he watched the video, he “went into the comment section, and stumbled upon a comment that said ‘Can we start a petition for this to be a Netflix Series’, and I thought to myself ‘I want this to be a thing too.’”

There’s good news and bad news here: The bad news is that, considering the sketch is little more than a fun and entertaining promotional tool for both Captain America: Civil War and Thor: Ragnarok, it’s doubtful a TV series would be produced based on it.

However, the good news is that if you want to watch a new show about a long-haired mythical figure navigating ordinary urban life and encountering funny fish-out-of-water scenarios, Fox’s upcoming series Son of Zorn appears to be pretty much exactly that, and it premieres on September 11, so you really don’t have to wait that long!

Compare the Thor sketch with the trailer for Son of Zorn below, and be thankful that your wish is actually being granted a lot more quickly than you could have reasonably expected—even the thumbnail images for the two videos are almost the same!

And while we’re talking about Thor, we’ve got some major Ragnarok spoilers here:

Image: Disney/Marvel

iPhone 7 launch date is CONFIRMED ! Apple to unveil its new smartphone next week

Apple appears to have confirmed the launch date of its long-awaited iPhone 7

Apple has sent out media invitations for an event next week, where it is widely expected to unveil its next flagship handset – the iPhone 7 .

The event is taking place at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco on Wednesday, September 7, at 10am local time, (6pm BST).

Apple often likes to include a hidden message in its invitations, but this one gives very little away.


It carries the tagline “See you on the 7th” – which may allude to the name “iPhone 7”, as well as the date.

It also features a number of translucent coloured dots outlining the top portion of Apple’s logo, which may relate to the rumour that Apple is planning to introduce new coloured handsets.

In photography, this out-of-focus effect is called bokeh. It is usually hard to create with a phone camera, suggesting that the iPhone 7 could feature an upgraded camera lens.

However, these dots could also be water droplets, which would be relevant if Apple was planning to launch a waterproof iPhone.

Rumours have been swirling about the iPhone 7 for many months, with numerous rumours and leaked photos adding fuel to the frenzy.

The most persistent (and controversial) rumour is that Apple is going to get rid of the headphone socket.

This means you will either have to buy a pair of headphones that use a Lightning cable, get an adapter, or use Bluetooth headphones.

There are a lot of rumours that the iPhone 7 will get a camera upgrade – but this may only apply to the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus, not the 4.7-inch iPhone 7.

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7 Signs Of A Horny Woman When She Wants To Have Sex With You

1: Her eyes are wandering.
Here comes the tricky part. Dive into the battle scene with all your weapons (that is your killer smile and confidence). Look out for a girl who seems disinterested in whatever her girlfriends are chatting away. Her eyes are roaming everywhere on everyone *winks*. Take this as your cue to show off your awesome personality.

2: She flirts with almost every guy who smiles at her.
You have to keep a close eye on exactly how she responds to guys. Does she smile at each one of them? Does she flirt with them? All these are signs, guys. Take them seriously

3: Her hair holds all the secrets you want to know.
Got the girl you have been looking for? Hold on a second there. You have got to be 100% sure that she is as horny as you are and is all willing for some bedroom fun. Notice her hair. Is she playing with them? Running her hair sensually with them?

4: She is flaunting herself.
Is her skin on the show? Is she trying to show it even more when your eyes fixate on her? Well, you are on the roll person. Not only is she wearing a seductive dress for the obvious reasons but her eyes are zeroed on you. Go you!

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Verizon Announces $4.8 Billion Deal for Yahoo’s Internet Business

Verizon Communications Inc. will acquire Yahoo Inc. by a $4.8 Billon deal, according to media reports.

US internet firm Yahoo announced in February to be looking at “strategic alternatives” for its core internet business.

Yahoo’s search and advertising operations buyed.


US telecoms giant Verizon Communications is to buy Yahoo, according to media reports.

via bbci

Verizon declined to comment on the reports.


The two firms were reported on Friday to be in exclusive talks.


Marissa Mayer joined Yahoo four years ago.


Chief execute Marissa Mayer, who joined in 2012, has made little progress in returning the company to profit.

via bbci

Yahoo has struggled to keep up with the changing internet advertising landscape.

Last week it reported a $440m loss in the second quarter, but said the board had made great progress on strategic alternatives.

via nasdaq

Yahoo shares have rallied since it announced the sale.


BGC analyst Colin Gillis: “We expect any offer in the range of $5-plus billion should be accepted by the Yahoo board to bring the process to a close”

via wsj

Verizon has agreed to pay $4.8 billion to acquire Yahoo.


Verizon plans to annouce deal early Monday, ending months of speculation.

After Seeing Why She Bakes Her Eggshells I’ll Never Throw Mine Away Ever Again!

If you’re like me, you love making some eggs for breakfast every morning. Whether you’re a scrambled, over-easy, or poached eggs kind of person, you’re probably tossing your eggshells in the trash or the compost.

But did you know that egg shells are 90% pure calcium? That’s right, the mineral vital to bone, muscle, and enzyme health is going down the trash every time you toss your egg shells.

Let us introduce you to a better way to use your old egg shells.

When it comes down to the facts, the National Institute of Health keeps proving that ground up egg shells are a great way to introduce the necessary amount of calcium into the human body.

When you mix some ground egg shells into your diet, your body easily absorbs it and puts it to use. Just half a teaspoon of eggshell calcium gives you 90% of your daily need containing 1000-1500 mg of the good nutrient.

In order to use your old eggshells, gather a large amount together. Then boil them in water for 10 minutes to make sure there is no bacteria or anything on it.

Some people then take it a step further and bake them in the oven at 350 for 10-15 minutes to dry them out. But this step isn’t necessary.

Let your eggshells cool after you boil them. Once that’s happened, put them in a coffee or spice grinder and disintegrate them into a powder.

Now that you’ve got your calcium powder, store it in an air tight jar to promote freshness. Every time you make a smoothie or something just put half a teaspoon in. It’ll be a great boost of the vital mineral.

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The First Lady , Michelle Obama Jumps Into Carpool Karaoke, But Wait Until You See The Other Surprise Guest!

I LOVE James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke videos! The series of celebrity jam sessions never fail to make me laugh. They’re so much more fun and entertaining than regular talk show interviews because you get to see a different side of stars you thought you knew; and they always feature the best music!

Corden’s videos normally feature musicians or pop stars, but this latest video stars none other than First Lady Michelle Obama. Politics are put in the trunk as she and Corden dance to Single Ladies and laugh about Snapchat. It’s just pure fun!

The video starts off with Corden getting a hard time from security when he pulls up to the White House. He acts surprised when Michelle Obama hops into his car. Just as she starts to give him a tour of the grounds, it is cut short when Corden puts on some Stevie Wonder. Turns out, FLOTUS is a huge Stevie Wonder fan, and the two jam out to Signed Sealed Delivered.

“I’ve been in a car, maybe it was months ago…With my daughter who learned to drive.” says the Mrs. Obama. “But that’s the only time in 7 and a half years that I’ve been in the passengers seat, listening to music, rocking out like this. So this is a treat!”

It gets even better from there. Corden puts on Beyonce’s Single Ladies, and the First Lady knows all the words and all the moves.


image via YouTube

The talk turns more serious as Michelle Obama tells Corden about her Let Girls Learn initiative. She’ll be traveling to 35 different countries to talk about education for women around the world. “So much could be corrected in the world if girls were educated and had power over their lives.”

Next, Corden puts on the song This Is For My Girls, which is the anthem for Let Girls Learn. The song features nine incredible female recording artists: Kelly Rowland, Lea Michele, Missy Elliott, Zendaya, Kelly Clarkson, Janelle Monae, Jadagrace, Chloe & Halle.

Out of nowhere, as James and Michelle rock out to This Is For My Girls, Missy Elliot quite literally pops up from the backseat to join in on the fun. Then the three of them jam to her hit song, Get Ur Freak On. The First Lady, Missy Elliot, and James Corden bouncing up in down in their seats, rapping to this 2003 throwback, is a hilarious sight! The whole video had me smiling from ear to ear!

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Cow Gives Birth To 4 Babies.Now Keep Your Eye On The Little One On The Right

Large animals tend to give birth to only one animal, as it’s a strain on their bodies to carry or deliver any more. In very rare cases, there will be the birth of twins. But this heifer defied all odds with the number of calves she delivered recently. Four. Yes, you heard that right.

A cow gave birth to four calves, and they’re all in a very healthy condition. Named Eeny, Meeny, Miny, and Moo, the cute calves are thriving well and are already growing stronger with each passing day. The local vet stated that the odds of so many calves being born to one mother is about 1 in 11.2 billion!

Take a look at this video!

Unfortunately, the mother cow is having a hard time nursing all of her babies, and her owner is looking to their neighbors to provide some assistance in the matter. They’ve managed to keep Moo with the mother, while the other calves are with other caretakers in the meantime. Share away, people!