Photographer Captures Newborn Smiling In Her Recently Deceased Father’s Gloves

There’s something about seeing a little newborn preciously posed with clothing, keepsakes, or other familial props that really makes their announcement into the world a celebration.

When photographer Kim Stone shot the recently born Aubrey in a series of darling setups, she posed her in soft pink sheets and beautiful blue headwear, like these photogenic triplets.

But the most powerful photo in the series is one of little Aubrey wrapped in motorcycle gloves, next to a colorful, shiny motorcycle helmet.

The hands gently curl around the child while she grins peacefully, safe under the guise of big, strong arms.

This image is particularly touching because it is representative of her father, whose life was tragically cut short several weeks before her birth.

Though her life began with a bit of strife, Aubrey’s sweet smile emulates hope for her family.

Learn more about her amazing story below.

Image via Facebook/ Kathryn Williams

When young Kathryn and Hector discovered they were going to be parents, the couple was absolutely thrilled.

But about eight months into her pregnancy, the unthinkable happened: Hector’s life was tragically taken.

Image via Facebook/ Kathryn Williams

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Daily Mail