Pit Bull Found With A 6-Pound Chain Around Her Neck Has Made A Miraculous Recovery

Pit bulls get so much negative attention, I can never understand it. Every pit bull I’ve ever known has been nothing but loving and gentle. They’re all just big balls of happy energy that love to give kisses!

As pit bulls continue to get a bad reputation, more and more people abuse these innocent creatures. I will never be able to comprehend how someone can hurt anyone, but especially how they could hurt an animal. While there are bad people in the world doing this, there are also amazing folks out there rescuing injured animals! We need more people like them!

Roxanne is a beautiful pit bull, but someone didn’t see her beauty. She was abandoned, but not only was she left behind, she was left in horrible conditions. She was found wandering the streets with a 6-pound chain around her neck. But much like fellow pit bull Kiah, this isn’t the end of Roxanne’s life, it’s only the beginning!

Image via Facebook/Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

This sweet baby girl was found wandering the streets of South Carolina with a 6.3-pound chain around her neck.
Image via Facebook/Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

It wasn’t clear how long she’d had the chain on her neck, but it had caused severe swelling to her neck. Roxanne’s rescuers knew they needed to act fast.
Image via Facebook/Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

The chain had been on for so long, it had become partially embedded in her neck. It needed to be cut off with bolt cutters.

Doctors had never seen something as terrible as the abuse this poor girl suffered.

Image via Facebook/Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

The chain had cut into 95 percent of Roxanne’s neck, which meant doctors had to rush her into surgery.

Not only did this fighter survive surgery, her spirits were lifted once she’d been broken from her chains.

Image via Facebook/Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

Only a few short weeks later, Roxanne looks like an entirely different dog! Her neck swelling is gone, her scar is now healing, and she is finally able to be a happy 1-year-old pup!

Image via Facebook/Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

Look at that smile! It says it all!

You can see more of Roxanne’s journey and other rescued animals at Rescue Dogs Rock NYC’s Facebook page!

You can donate to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC here, and the rescue that found Roxanne, Pawmetto Lifeline, here!

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