Seven Definite Signs Your Man Truly Loves You!

Want to know if your man truly loves you? He shows you every day but you just do not see it. Here are some signs that he definitely has real feelings for you.

How do you Know if a Man Loves you
1. If the guy truly loves you, he will take care of your wishes, feelings and desires. He makes your needs and wishes on the same level as his.

He will treat you well and make sure you are all right. And not just you, he will treat your friends and family with kindness too.

2. He will not let a big amount of time to pass for him to see you. He wants to spend his available time with you, and makes schedules for you to meet online if you have a long distance relationship. He is also always planning you for the big holidays.

3. He will make you a priority in his life, you will be the first thing on your mind. He would like to make decisions together with you, refers to you as we instead of I, and makes plans in the distant future with you.

4. He is a caring and a loving person towards you. It is of great importance for him to be here for you, through the good and the bad stuff.

He challenges you to be a better person, gives you a hand when you need to overcome an obstacle and never gives up on you.

5. He would not be ashamed to kiss you, hug you or hold your hand in public. He will carry his affection for you everywhere he goes.

He will always bring you to office and family meetings, and for drinks with friends, because he wants people to know about you two.

6. He is a man who you could trust. He is pen about his past and all the skeletons in his closet, past girlfriends and experiences. But most of all, he respects you and your past, and when he sees you he only sees the future, his future.

7. He would always want what is best for you, in any case. Even if it means that you will do things without him.

He will encourage you to live your life, to fullfill your passions and dreams, spend time with your friends and family, because knowing that you are satisfied with yourself will mean that you are satisfied when you are together with him too.

Don’t make much use of his words, take his actions into is easy for a man to say that he loves you, because he knows that is exactly what you want to hear.

Take a closer look into his actions, it is the only way of finding out what he truly feels for you. And at the very end, if a man truly loves you, you will have no need for proof, you will just know it.

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