She Cuts A Pair Of Old Jeans And What She Ends Up With Is Just Amazing!

Cut the 2 denim parts and place one of the parts onto another. The second part attached should be little below and also sew in between the second part so as to give small pockets in it. Then stick the belt on it and sew that too with the two ends of denim.

#5 Denim crochet carpet, an eye-catchy decor.
Image via gillianhamilton
For this, you’ll require 5 pairs of denim jeans with 1 size 15mm crochet hook and one tired arm. Cut the legs of denim in a spiral way till crotch arrives and then roll them into the ball. Sew both the ends of the ball onto denim till you come near crocheting. And you will achieve your mat.

#6 Denim corsage
Image via tearosehome
Firstly cut 5 squares and then cut the flower shapes. Sew along edges of flower shapes and stack them in order large to small. Sew the beads in the middle and a pin the back of the flower. Squeeze it to give a better look to your corsage.

#7 Recycled denim oven mitt
Image via myrecyclebags
First, pin the two denim panels together and sew using a narrow hem. Then turn wrong sides to the inside. Using a pencil’s eraser push out the thumb and edges. Press with iron. Next, put 2 fabric lining panels together and machine stitch the narrow hem around mitt. Check fit and trim edges if required.

#8 Denim napkins
Image via brit
Measure squares of 6×6 as many as you can. Then bleach the cut piece with the help of stamp pad and then spray the hydrogen peroxide so as the design is set. You can create several patterns using stencils and other pattern-making tools.

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