She Cuts A Pair Of Old Jeans And What She Ends Up With Is Just Amazing!

#9 Denim tote bag
Image via flickr
Cut the old jeans and since the bottom seam will act as the top so close the other end. Turn the leg inside out and insert the buckle including part of belt and position in the middle of the leg. Stitch it to avoid fraying. Add the other strip in the back. Next, attach short strips with stitches. And all done.

#10 Denim cell phone case
Image via freepeople
To start with, fold denim over my phone with the reverse phase facing outwards and leave an inch of room on each side. Sew around 3 sides leaving the top. Once you are finished with sewing part, add some pretty ribbon on top to give a final touch.

#11 Denim Slippers
Image via theguardian
Print out the pattern pieces and know the size by standing barefoot on the sole pattern. Cut one sole piece and one upper piece and choose the favourite shade of blue for the top upper and draw on stitching lines using a pencil or chalk. Repeat the same with other leg. Sew the upper part to the sole and the slipper is ready.

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