She is the first in the world to give birth like This. The healthy 1-year-old made his parents the happiest in the world!

No one was certain whether it was the fault of the transplant or not. But it didn’t matter to Malin or Claes. They were now able to hold what they wanted all their lives in their arms. The little Vincent made them the happiest people in the whole universe!


image via Twitter/InformedDecision

In the meantime, the little boy has turned 1 and is as fit as a fiddle. He is an observant and cheerful child. He still can’t comprehend the journey his parents have gone to bring him into this world. The donor, Ewa Rosen, has become like a grandmother for the little one and has a very special relationship to Malin and her family. The foreign uterus has been removed so that Malin no longer has to undergo the strong hormone therapy.


image via Twitter/LeeLevy

7 of the 9 women’s bodies who participated in the study accepted their implanted uteruses. And 4 of them have even had their own babies, Vincent being the first. This number is almost unbelievably high and most likely not sustainable. But the story of little Vincent is giving many women hope of one day having their own child.


image via Twitter/LeeLevy

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