She Knew The Boy Who Was Unwanted By His Mom Was A Bad Influence On Her Kids. But Then Her Daughter‘s Reaction Was Unexpected.

As his mother drove away, eleven-year-old Billy stood by the curb and cried. His mother was an abusive drug addict; still, she was all he had. Now he was to live with his aunt. A wave of desolation mounted in his chest.

Aunt Val had no interest in caring for him, either. Billy was left alone, living off peanut butter, stale bread and cereal. In the evenings he spent his time listening to the voices of the five children who lived next door, the laughter and shouts, and the firm voice of their mama sending them to bed.

On Sunday morning, as they packed into the car for church, Mama noticed Billy watching her kids from the shadow of his doorway. He looked like trouble: His face was defiant and his shabby clothes hung loose on his thin frame. What kind of life did this boy have? He made her uneasy; yet she saw the hurt that showed in his dark eyes.

Billy’s face haunted her while she sat through the service. When they got home, he was still there. His eyes followed the children as they piled chattering from the car.

Mama’s heart caught as her boy, Cecil, paused and asked, “What’s your name?” “Billy.” “How old are you?” Cecil asked. “Eleven, almost twelve,” said Billy. “Me, too. Want to come inside? We’re going out to play basketball after we change clothes.” Mama bit her lip as Billy followed Cecil inside. The next afternoon, Billy came home with Cecil after school.

“Billy’s aunt ain’t never home, so I said he could come over here,” Cecil said.

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