She Knew The Boy Who Was Unwanted By His Mom Was A Bad Influence On Her Kids. But Then Her Daughter‘s Reaction Was Unexpected.

But Billy didn’t fit in with the rhythm of their household. When the children did their homework Billy was a distraction, chattering thoughtlessly while they tried to concentrate. He used foul language and bullied the younger children. A sour feeling settled in Mama’s stomach. Billy was not going to be a good influence on her kids.

The following day, Mama saw Billy hanging around the front of the apartments when she got back from her job driving the school bus. A cigarette hung in his mouth. He ducked away when he saw her, which only made her dislike him more. After basketball that evening Billy came inside with Cecil. The boys had found an expensive tennis shoe at the courts and wanted to show it to Mama.

“I’m gonna buy shoes like these some day,” Billy bragged. “I’m gonna have all the money I want”
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Mama shivered. She could imagine how Billy would get the money to buy what he wanted. She didn’t like the man she feared he would become. Cecil was looking at Billy and the flashy shoe with envy. It made Mama angry; she didn’t want Billy’s kind leading her children astray.

When Billy left, she told Cecil, “I won’t have you hanging out with Billy. He’s not going where I want you to go.”

Cecil’s expression clouded. “Don’t, Mama. There’s something good in Billy. I know it. He needs us.”

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