She Was About To Throw Out These Old Tapes… But Then She Discovered Inside Made Her A Fortune.

Most professional collectors seek out items that are guaranteed to get more profitable over time, like coins, stamps, and baseball cards. But sometimes, the most valuable objects aren’t what you think.

As it turns out, something you may have once bought for a few bucks could be worth thousands, and one of these magic treasure items might be sitting right in your living room.

Most kids growing up in the ’80s and ’90s remember owning a few animated Disney movies on VHS. Over the years, Disney manufactured several special and limited editions of their classic movies in an attempt to turn them into collectible items.

Decades later, the tapes are collectible indeed. The most valuable Disney VHS? This edition of Beauty and the Beast, which goes for almost $9,000 on eBay.

Before you run out on a shopping spree, know that not every VHS is worth that much money. Collectors look for certain versions of the tapes containing specific profitable details. For instance, if it has a black diamond that says “The Classics,” the VHS was part of a limited-edition run.

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