Six babies who Made Headlines 6 Years Ago Are Again In News!

Remember the viral photo of these 6 babies ? Here”s what they Look Like Now.
Years ago a photo was in headlines. Years later, its recreation is in headlines. This is beautiful.
McGhee Family
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I am sure you remember this pic that became an Internet sensation 6 years ago. Everyone was in love with this pic and it was shared by a lot of people in an era when social media was still trying to strengthen their feet in the world.

So this is the McGhee family. They are in news again. And trust me, the reason is adorable again.

The Proud Parents
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Before we show you the new picture which is doing rounds online, we want you to look at this. Meet Mia and Rozonno McGhee. They are the proud parents of the sextuplets who stole our hearts six years ago with their newborn photo shoot.

This family has recreated a picture that has gained a lot of appreciation again.

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