Six Different Ways You Hug Your Partner And What They Mean

Hugging is probably the most widespread way of showing your affection towards your loved ones. The hugs can help you to strengthen the bonds between you and your partner and to make you happier and healthier.

The different ways in which the couples hug have distinct meanings. Here are 6 ways of hugging someone and their meaning.

Image via Awesomema

Maintaining an eye contact while hugging
If you and your partner maintain a direct eye contact for a long period of time while you are hugging, it means that the two of you have an authentic and intense connection.

The relationship you have is strong and likely unbreakable since you can see into the depths of each other’s soul. This way of hugging someone signifies a deep love and a profound affinity.

Hugging from behind
Hugging someone from behind provides a sense of protection and security. The person who is holding the other from behind takes a protective role and provides comfort and stability to their partner. This position emphasizes the importance of the care and trust that the couple has in their relationship.

Hugging with the bodies far apart
If you keep as much distance from one another as possible while you are hugging, it means that the two of you feel uncomfortable and disagreeable.
This position signifies that there is a lack of certainty in your relationship. By hugging in this way, you show that neither one of you wants to be close to the other person.

Rubbing someone’s back while hugging
This type of hug is all about reassurance. If you rub your partner’s back while embracing, you show them that you will always be there for them.

They can always rely on you to help and listen to them. This position is a reminder of how much the two of you care about each other.

Patting on the back
If you pat on the back while hugging, it means that you care about the camaraderie and friendship with the other person.

This position shows that the two of you are not seeking for intimacy, romance, and closeness in your relationship.

Instead, you put an emphasis on your trust and sympathy towards the other person. When you embrace in this way, it means that you are not interested in taking your relationship to the next level.

Putting your arm around your partner’s shoulder
This kind of hug is of comforting nature, rather than of romantic one. If you put your arm around the other person’s shoulder, it means that you can lean on them.

This position signifies a friendship which doesn’t involve any amorous feelings between the two of you. You and the person you hug are great friends who can always count on each other’s support.