Some Life Tips You Really Need to Know!

If only there was a manual to teach us how to get the most out of life and everyday chores, life would just be so much simpler. Instead, we all navigate through life figuring things out for ourselves, and sometimes it takes years of doing it the hard way to have something go off in your brain and think, this could be so much simpler if I just did [this] instead! And with the internet, well, life once again got that much simpler. Now we’re sharing life pro tips like it’s everybody’s business.
#1 Alarm Clocks

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Does your roommate’s phone alarm sound through the wall and drive you crazy? Call them. It will turn the alarm off. Wait for them to answer and they won’t even miss work.

#2 Plane Tickets

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3. No time to wash your jeans? Stick ’em in the freezer overnight
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4. Learn how to make the perfect sandwich
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