Someone vandalised a Vote Leave poster & one campaigner is not happy about it!

Welsh Conservative Party activist Felix Aubel has been hitting the campaign trail hard in an effort to get the Brexit vote out ahead of the upcoming EU referendum.

So he was absolutely tamping to find a ‘Vote Leave’ banner in Ceredigion had been defaced with spray paint overnight to read ‘Vote Beaver’ instead.

Taking to Facebook to voice his displeasure, Aubel wrote:

A #VoteLeave poster has been vandalised in the Brongest area of Ceredigion. Our pro-EU Vote Remain opponents are obviously getting scared of the enthusiastic campaign run by Vote Leave Cymru.

We humbly suggest that it was more an attempt at humour than a genuine Remain campaign sabotage attempt.

That is, at least, what a lot of the comments seem to think:

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