Special Needs Girl Asks The Popular Boy To Prom. His Response Left Everyone In Tears

For 17-year-old Destiny McLemore, the only thing that would have made her night at special needs prom better than it was already going to be was a date with her prince.
With the help of her mom, Destiny made a sign asking Anderson High School senior Grant Kelley to prom and posted it on Facebook.
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Destiny held a sign reading “Grant Kelley, will you go to my special needs prom with me?”
Immediately replying on Facebook, Grant accepted Destiny’s invitation to her special needs prom.

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Destiny finally got her prince, and she was ready for the dance.
Grant is seen around school as being quite popular, and has even won homecoming king and prom court two years running.
When some peers asked him if he was actually going to go with her, he replied “Absolutely, I can’t wait to have fun with her.”
Destiny’s mom Angi McLemore was overwhelmingly emotional after hearing Grant’s unrelenting support for her daughter.
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Angi recalls Destiny being rejected a number of times due to her special needs, and she was so happy that Grant was willing to make this night special for her daughter.
“I’ve gotten used to the looks and the stares. It’s hard when you see a lot of other kids doing things that your child doesn’t get to do,” Angi said.
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When Grant came to pick Destiny up for prom, she was already prepared for her amazing night wearing a coral dress, a tiara, and matching shoes.
As Grant and Destiny walked up to his car to head over to the dance, Angi finally got the chance to see her daughter live the life most other children her age get to live.
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“They just want to be like the others,” Grant mentioned when asked about taking Destiny.
For him, taking Destiny was an honor and he was excited to be a part of this dance.
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