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Sarah Palin endorses Donald Trump’s 2016 bid in rambling speech

Sarah Palin officially endorses Donald Trump’s 2016 bid in rambling speech
Just when you thought it was safe to take politics seriously again, gaffe-prone Sarah Palin stepped back on the presidential stage Tuesday to endorse her spotlight-loving, soulmate — Donald Trump.

Palin, the former Alaska governor turned vice presidential candidate turned political pundit, stood side by side with the billionaire business mogul turned casino owner turned Republican presidential front-runner to tell an Ames, Iowa, crowd how Trump will save America.

“I am here because, like you, I know it is now or never,” Palin told the cheering crowd.
“I’m in it to win it because I believe in America and I believe in our freedom.”

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks as former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin looks on Tuesday.
“He is the master of the art of the deal,” Palin said. “He is the one who would know what to negotiate.”

“He is from the private sector, not a politician,” Palin said. “Can I get a hallelujah? He knows how to lead the charge. So troops hang in there, he’s on the way.”

After asking supporters if they were “ready for a leader that will command our troops and go kick ISIS’ ass,” Palin painted Trump as a likable softie.

“He is not elitist at all,” Palin said. “If you know him as a person and get to know him more and more you’all have more respect.”

The event, just 13 days before the curtain-raising Iowa caucuses, was a “Saturday Night Live” skit waiting to happen with the rigid, corporate candidate standing beside the folksy mama grizzly using words like “hope-y” and “change-y” to describe President Obama’s vision for America.

Trump, when he was finally able to get the microphone back again, thanked his new cheerleader, and said he had been waiting for this moment since he got into the race.

“From day one, I said if I ever do this, I have to get her support,” Trump said. “She feels it.”
The match made in reality show heaven was a setback for Trump’s GOP opponents, especially Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who had closed the gap with Trump in recent weeks in Iowa.

Palin had endorsed Cruz during his Senate race, and he remarked that he would not have won that election without her.

“Oh, listen, I love Sarah Palin,” Cruz told Fox News. “I would not be in the U.S. Senate if it were not for Sarah’s friendship, for her incredible support and so whatever she chooses to do in 2016, I will always be a big fan of Sarah Palin’s.”

GOP consultant Kevin Madden said the endorsement’s timing will help Trump to drown out Cruz’s message.
D J Trump Elections Following_mid_image
“I think it helps Trump overwhelm the news cycle with Trump coverage at a critical time,” he said. “It sort of denies Ted Cruz any chance to get back on offense.”

“Palin’s brand among evangelicals is as gold as the faucets in Trump tower,” said Ralph Reed, the chairman of the Faith & Freedom Coalition.

But at least one person wasn’t impressed. “I don’t think she’s really credible anymore,” said Bruce Dodge, 66, of Ankeny, Iowa.

Earlier in the day, Trump received an endorsement from the daughter of the Duke. The real estate mogul got the blessing of Aissa Wayne at the Winterset, Iowa, birthplace museum of screen legend John Wayne.
Trump said he’s a big fan of Wayne and that the actor represented strength and power.

“We have exactly the opposite from John Wayne right now in this country,” Trump said.

The former Alaska governor wasn’t the only Palin to make headlines Tuesday.

A day earlier, her son Track was charged with assault.

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Getting Off To Anime Porn Is Shorthand For Supporting Donald Trump. See Why!

Photoshopped image by theDracerGX.
On Tuesday evening, GOP consultant Rick Wilson made Twitter waves with his claim that Donald Trump supporters are mostly “single men who masturbate to anime.”

This is an intentionally incendiary statement that Wilson says he made distinctly to troll Trump’s followers. First of all, as any anime fan will let you know, it’s called *clears throat* hentai, a specific genre of X-rated Japanese animated cartoons. But what’s interesting is that in order to intentionally make people angry, Wilson targeted anime geeks as his insult.

Passionate geeks have always been a target for society’s anxiety. In the ‘80s, when concern about Satanism was at an all time high, Dungeons & Dragons players were at the center of a moral panic, just as comic books were in the 1950s. During Star Trek’s heyday, fans of the show were described as obsessive and gross in articles published as early as 1975.

Today, the line between pop culture and nerd culture has never been so slim. Our collective society freaks out over Star Wars and geeks out about Harry Potter. But anime, with its foreign roots and cross-cultural learning curve, remains on the fringes. And this political jape indicates that poking fun at anime fans is still fair play.

In November, New York Magazine columnist Max Read observed that among himself and his friends, Twitter followers with anime avatar photos tended to be the most fervent supporters of Gamergate and similar conservative political movements. This passion, needless to say, came with a barrage of harassment toward anyone who disagreed with them.
“If you are besieged by trolls and are also okay with blocking people who might be extremely intelligent and engaging and also fervent otaku… the ‘anime avatar’ is a mostly though not entirely reliable indicator of trolldom, and block anyone you see with one,” Read wrote, perilously close to false syllogisming all over himself.

Read’s confirmation bias is that people with anime avatars spend more time online, and therefore, are less socially adjusted. It’s the same way Wilson’s statement uses “anime” as a shorthand for an unsavory, unlikeable person who also doesn’t share your political views. It doesn’t help that—and I say this as somebody who often has a anime avatar—there are indeed people with anime avatars who harass, just like harassers with every other type of avatar.

Of course, Wilson isn’t insulting anime fans, but an even more specific niche—men who masturbate to anime porn (apparently he forgot about the women who do this, too). That would be millennials.

While most people don’t talk about their porn viewing habits, and for good reason, PornHub’s 2015 survey tells us all we need to know. Among 18 to 34-year-old viewers, “cartoon” and “hentai” are the 13th and 17th most popular porn searches, and millennials are 131% more likely to search for “anime” than older browsers. While anime fans certainly don’t all masturbate to hentai, it can be pretty well assumed that these hentai viewers all fall into the larger anime fan group.

If anything, Wilson ought to be courting the vote of anime-porn masturbators in order to get some much needed millennial blood into the Republican voting bloc, especially in a time when millennials identify Democrat more strongly than any other generation.

Anime fans definitely do enjoy Donald Trump, if the Trump As Anime parody Twitter account—and countless image macros that come up when you GoogleGoogle “Trump anime”—are any indication. But perhaps not in the way that Wilson thinks. It’s a shorthand insult of the likes that has been thrown at geeks for generations, and about as accurate as always.