Teen Spent 50 Hours On Giant American Flag, But When You Zoom In On It…Incredible!

Jacob Feazel, a high school student from Indiana, is making waves in the military community with his incredible take on the American flag.

When he was assigned an art project, Jacob decided to show his patriotic side and honor the men and women who have previously served and those who are currently fighting for the freedoms we hold so dearly.

Jacob spent over 50 hours working on this project!

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After hours spent mapping and planning, Jacob’s visionary work began to take shape.

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Jacob worked through several sleepless nights in his freezing garage, but the result was absolutely captivating.

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Jacob ordered nearly 5,000 army men in red, white and blue, then meticulously placed them in their patriotic formation.

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A closer look sent chills down my spine.

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Military men, women and their families have been touched by Jacob’s thoughtful and incredibly inspiring vision for his project.

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Jacob’s is the perfect example of how impactful hard work and dedication can be. What a beautiful result.

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