Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Porsche!

5. The 1970s Porsche 935 appeared in the Transformers cartoon for years as Optimus Prime’s right hand robot, Jazz – complete with Martini graphic and colours.

6. The fastest ever lap of the (shortened) Nürburgring was carried out by a factory 956 driven by Stefan Bellof. He lapped the ring in 6:11.13 in 1983 with an average speed of over 125mph.

7. Porsche’s logo is based on a combination of two coats of arms. The main shield is from the former Free People’s State of Wuttemberg (where Albert Einstein was born) whilst the central part is from Stuttgart’s coat of arms.

8. The Porsche ‘Super’ isn’t some sort of special edition supercar; it’s a 38bhp tractor powered by an air-cooled, four stroke, 2625cc diesel engine. If you’ve got one in your barn, you are a lucky bastid as these things can fetch a fortune!

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