Terrified Teen Decides To Give Her Baby Away After Her Drug Addict Boyfriend Got Her Pregnant.18 Years Later, This Happened.

I had just turned 18 when I found out I was pregnant my senior year of high school. The dude that got me pregnant was a couple years older, but was one of the cool kids in high school (let’s face it, I wasn’t). I was stoked to date him. We were only together for a month or two when I peed on that stick, but he was cool and I was heathy so there wasn’t really any reason to get an abortion. I was a bad kid, I got into lots of trouble. I was at a school for “behavioral” kids that only had 12 students. After I got pregnant, I had a bit of a meltdown and got expelled. Seriously, I got expelled from a school that is supposed to fix bad behavior for having bad behavior. Right around that time my cool boyfriend took up smoking crack. First, who smokes f***ing crack? Anyway, I ended up sitting in my bedroom evaluating my life choices.

During all of this my parents were splitting up. My dad had left my mom for his secretary and my mom starting trying to find the bottom of every Chardonnay bottle ever made. My brother and I lived with my mom, which was kind of an on/ off thing. On when she was sober, off to friends’ houses when she wasn’t. My brother is two years younger but we were always friends. He was slightly more mature than most, or just more interested in adult things than other 16 year olds. I showed him the pregnancy test I took. He freaked out and asked if I had told my parents. Of course I hadn’t, that’s why I was telling him; he needed to help me sort that shit out. I tossed the pee test in the trash in his room and thought nothing of it until two days later when my mom had beeped me (yes. Pager.) and I called her back.
“get your ass home RIGHT NOW” When I got there it was a tirade of “whore, slut, stupid…” And a bunch of other very motherly support. Appointments were made and I got dragged to the obgyn for an abortion no less than 4 times. Each time I reminded them that I did not, in fact, want a f**king abortion and to cut it out and just take care of my pregnancy. By this time, my mom needed to start blaming more people. Apparently my cool crack smoking boyfriend sucks at the drug life and wound up in jail. So my mom, being the thoughtful person she was, called up the jail and started yelling at the guard to tell boyfriend that I was pregnant. So that’s how he found out. My life was officially the definition of train wreck. The statistics show that if I didn’t finish high school right then, it probably wouldn’t happen. So I decided my first priority was going to be getting back into school. I went the next week and marched into the school office and said I’d like to sign myself out of special education (I was 18! I could do that now!) and go back to regular school. They had a bunch of meetings and sent me a letter that went something like this: “we know you can legally make this decision, but we don’t think you can actually do normal high school wrk, you’re too stupid. We encourage you to go back to your life skills classes and keep your disgraceful condition hidden” Well, f**k you very much.

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