Terrified Teen Decides To Give Her Baby Away After Her Drug Addict Boyfriend Got Her Pregnant.18 Years Later, This Happened.

I re-started high school wicked pregnant. I skipped school to go to Dairy Queen and FINALLY got out of gym class. I hate gym. At about 6 months along I began to realize that no matter how much I got my life together there was going to be no situation that I would get to raise him. Option 1: keep him, work to support us, hire a babysitter to watch him/ raise him. Option 2: go to college and work and hopefully family would help me watch him/ raise him. Both of these options also yielded the potential of either no dad or a dad with a crack problem. Then there was option 3: adoption, give him a normal family with a dad and a stay at home mom, and be able to go to college without having to support 2 people. It became painfully obvious that what was best for my boy…wasn’t me.

I started looking into the adoption process. Oddly enough, parents looking to adopt found me. The first pair knew my friend’s sister who was a hairdresser. They came to her salon. Apparently the dad wanted to meet me without the mom first. He took me and my friend’s sister to a crazy fancy restraunt. I told him that I wanted an open adoption, he said no. They planned to raise the child and tell him nothing until he was 18. I said I was also hoping for my medical bills to be paid and maybe money towards college (I was dumb, I Didn’t know about school loans yet and wanted to make sure I went to college if I didn’t have him). He said he would pay medical bills no problem and he would give me any amount of money I wanted. He told me that when his wife found out she couldn’t have kids she tried to kill herself and now didn’t qualify to adopt.

That she was very depressed and needed to become a mom. Then he slipped me $50, which I tried to give back but he wouldn’t take it. Then he started getting angry. So I just shut my yap and kept the cash and hoped to get home in one piece. Meanwhile, I was living with my mom who was working her way into her own downward spiral. She became more and more abusive. Constantly slapping me or scratching my face. Finally i reached my breaking point one day while standing at the top of the stairs and spit at her. She lost her shit. She pushed me backwards and I fell to the landing. I was able to break my fall by grabbing the banister on the way down, sprained my wrist but I was ok. I had to get out of there.

I went to live with my dad. Who was still not my favorite person at the time but safer than my mom. My brother and I weren’t allowed to be home when he wasn’t there so we didn’t have keys. We were only allowed to bring 3 drawers of clothes and toiletries, nothing else. We couldn’t decorate our rooms or anything. He didn’t want us there but knew we didn’t have anywhere else to go. My dad worked at a big company, he had mentioned my “condition” to a woman he worked with that had a sister in law that was looking to adopt. We arranged a meeting the day of my prom.

I knew when I walked in, as soon as I saw her, that was his mom. I asked for an open adoption and they said yes. I asked for medical bills paid and they said yes. I asked about college tuition and they said no. I went to my prom. I went home. I started to think about how I would have just a few days in the hospital with him and began to look forward to those. That would be my …

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