The Creepy , Beautiful Land Of Oz Theme Park

The Wizard of Oz is an American classic. But with its surreal setting, strange characters, and a villain that’s given countless children nightmares for generations, there is so much underlying creepiness to it!

Nothing exemplifies this dichotomy better than the Land of Oz theme Beech Mountain, North Carolina. First opened in 1970, they probably thought that it would be a charming family attraction. But when it closed in 1980, the abandoned park became something else entirely…

Even 70 years after the release of the original novel and 31 years after the groundbreaking film, the Land of Oz was an initial success, drawing in 20,000 attendees on its first day.
Image via Johhny Joo Photography
Unfortunately, sales dipped dramatically in the following years, and in 1980, the park went out of business.
Image via Johhny Joo Photography
The developers hoped to make the park a year-long attraction, even though it was built on an old ski resort. The chairlift was used to simulate a “hot air balloon ride.”
Image via Johhny Joo Photography
Now, the park is in ruins. The props and sets that did not suffer the effects of natural elements were looted and vandalized.
Image via Johhny Joo Photography

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