The World Is Obsessed With This Woman’s Feet…When You See Them You’ll Understand.

There’s a never-ending stream of weirdness flowing across the internet. From Amazon products that will give you nightmares to mysterious “eggs” from another planet, the world wide web is positively bursting with never-before-seen oddities.

But one Taiwanese woman just broke all the records for Weirdest Thing on the Internet. And when you see it, you’ll understand.

Since posting images to the Chinese-based blog Dcard, the world has been totally amazed by this woman’s strange “finger toes.”

“Since my childhood, I have always drawn attention whenever I wear flip-flops. [People] would surround me and discuss about me as if I were an animal.”

You have to figure she’s got great balance, though!
The question remains: does she wear toe socks or gloves? The world may never know…

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