These 15 Kids Have The Weirdest & Most Hilarious Life Goals Ever

Nothing is normal nowadays, even the kids are getting weirder than before. When I was a kid everything was normal, kids were behaving normally and life was great, but now kids are so weird and obnoxious, I don’t know why but it’s probably the food we’re eating and growing up with all these various kinds of electronics that probably fried their brains and now there’s no way to fix it. All jokes aside these kids are hilarious in the most adorable and innocent way possible, and the goals in the pictures bellow are just so random and funny.

1. I like this kid.
Image via BP

2. The real life goals.
Image via BP

3. Easy there little Hitler.
Image via BP

4. They told me I could become anything.
Image via BP

5. Sounds logical.
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