These Dads Walk Out Of The Garage & When The Music Starts, I Completely Lost It…

To write your own rap offers 7 steps. The first step is brainstorm, then you write the chorus and lyrics. The website tells you not to lie about who you are in step four. The last three stages are to organize the rap, get it memorized, and share it. So, this video is from some dads. Dads who rap.

Image Credit: COTMTulsa / YouTube

That is the subject of this video. We have four fathers who are brave enough to tell us what it is like living a “Dad Life!” You can tell that they followed all of the steps and actually tell us who they are! They are all confident dads, and they love what they are doing! We see their tools, their children, and their tender side watching a Disney movie!

Take a look at this video!

Well done dads, after your kids get over the shock of seeing you rap and dance – they will enjoy it as much as I did! Share away, people!

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