These Drawings Perfectly Show the Beauty of Single Life

Some believe love is in the air ’round this time of year, what with the imminence of the relationship-worshipping fiesta that is Valentine’s Day. Amid all the roses and Hallmark cards flooding our drugstore aisles, it can be easy to forget: For plenty of single ladies (and men) out there, the only valentine they want to celebrate with is themselves.

Luckily, one Mexican artist is drawing (literal) attention to the beauty of being alone, with a series of black and white illustrations in which women solitarily go about their lives.

And even though there aren’t any men in the picture, love is still in the air!
The drawings by idaliacandelas , published in a small book titled “Alone,” are an ever so subtle rebuff to the mainstream imagery most commonly circulated of women alone — read: without men — mostly crying, eating ice cream, watching rom-coms. They softly exalt the safe and snug sensation of enjoying the company of no one but oneself.
IGIdaliaCandelas_FollowingMIGIdalia Candelas/Instagram

Idalia Candelas/Instagram

INDMG_FollowingIdalia Candelas/Instagram

IdaliaCandelas_FollowingMGIIdalia Candelas/Instagram


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