This Cat Caught A Chipmunk, They Where Prepared For The Worst.When She Did This.

It’s basically accepted as fact that cats don’t get along well with rodents. When most cats see these tiny little mammals, they can’t help but let their predatory instincts take over.

But when this cat saw a chipmunk, it did something quite a bit different. We still can’t believe that happened!

When this house cat came upon a chipmunk, it wasn’t looking like things were going to go in the little rodent’s favor.
Image via Imgur/1GoldGuy1

But little did he know, the cat was just looking for a friend, not a meal!
Image via Imgur/1GoldGuy1

It just goes to show how unpredictable animals can be.
Image via Imgur/1GoldGuy1

You’d be hard pressed to find anything much cuter than that!
Image via Imgur/1GoldGuy1

And it just got cuter!
Image via Imgur/1GoldGuy1

It’s so nice to see these would-be mortal enemies playing so gently together!
Image via Imgur/1GoldGuy1

Sometimes, friendship can be found in unexpected places. I hope that this cat and her chipmunk friend stay by each other’s sides forever! Share this amazing friendship with your friends below!