This Clever Toothpick Puzzle Is Going Viral! Can You Solve It?

The internet is home to many things that easily become viral because they are both confusing and fun to solve. They can be math problems or puzzles where you have to find an object, person, or animal. We even had that viral dress picture in which some people thought it was black and blue while others said it was white and gold.

This time, we have a seemingly simple toothpick puzzle. Can you find the solution? Check out the story below!

This is the tricky puzzle that went viral.

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Basically, the puzzle starts with you seeing these four squares that are composed of 12 sticks.

You can use matchsticks or toothpicks for this puzzle.
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The material really does not matter as long as you can create these four squares.

The problem is that people need to turn these into just three squares.
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It might sound easy, but the condition stating that you can only do this using three moves makes it quite difficult.

While it has been deemed as tricky by many, these people quickly knew the answer.
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So, how can you make three squares in just three moves?
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This problem was actually posted on Quora, but it required a bit of time before people started to realize the solution.

The first thing that people should do is this one.
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Just take a toothpick from the top left portion and place it on the center position at the right side.

The second step means taking another stick from the top left.
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The third step requires taking the stick at the center of the bottom section.
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As you take that third stick and place it literally to the next side at the right, the square in the lower center will disappear and create only three remaining squares.

Clearly, some people were not convinced that it was a difficult puzzle
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Still, the puzzle has been shared on social media recently. While it might seem that many can readily solve it, there are those who need a bit more time.

And just like what one commenter said, the original problem had 5 squares.
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Just go and search for toothpick puzzles on the internet and you will surely find more difficult versions. For now, at least you get a hang of how it is done.
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