This Dad Spent A Day In Kindergarten With His Daughter & Theae Were His Observations.

When this dad spent the day with his daughter in kindergarten, he had no idea what to expect. Here are his top ten thoughts and observations from that da
My daughter’s school participates in a program called WATCH D.O.G.S, which encourages dads to volunteer one day a year in their kid’s school. Part of it is to bond with your kid and see what their day is like, the other part is to be a positive male role model for other students who don’t have a lot of that in their lives, especially in elementary schools where 99% of the staff are typically female. These are my top ten thoughts and observations:

1. The day started with a fire drill. Followed by a “lock down drill,” which we didn’t have when I was in school. All four classes piled into a single classroom and had to be absolutely quiet and still while the lights were off and the doors were locked.

2. The “star student of the week” brought a tablet for show and tell. Everyone got excited. He pulled out what looked to be one of those cheap LeapFrog devices. Kids started peppering him with questions…”can you play Angry Birds or Crossy Road?” “No.” “Can you FaceTime?” “No.” I felt bad for him….he was excited to show off his favorite toy and immediately got railroaded by the iPad posse.
3. I spent most of my classroom time playing Chutes and Ladders with rotations of kids. They also had a card game called Line Up that’s sort of like solitaire. My educational contribution was telling them “those upside down hearts are called spades….those clovers are called clubs. Tell your mommy you want to go Vegas for spring break.”

4. 10:45 AM — time to force feed myself lunch. I rarely finish my coffee before 11, much less have lunch. Made the rest of the day seem extra long. Also the kid sitting next to us didn’t have a spoon for his pudding and was TERRIFIED to ask for one. SEINFELD REFERENCE #1: It was like asking The Soup Nazi for bread. YOU DON’T HAVE A SPOON? NO PUDDING FOR YOU. NEXT!!!

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